• Save Water & Energy – without sacrificing comfort or water useage!

    Each time you run a hot shower or wash dishes, you can waste up to 15 litres of water (as well as the energy used to heat that water) while you’re waiting for the hot water to kick-in. ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System reduces the amount of wasted water from 15 litres to around a tea cup’s worth and saves energy in the process. For every 20 litres of water wasted during hot water delivery, 1kWh of associated energy is also wasted!.

    ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System primes your hot water lines by quickly pumping the cold water out of your hot water pipe reducing heat (energy) loss.. This water is automatically diverted back to your hot water heater and in doing so it reduces sending the waste water to the sewer - another saving. Hot water is then quickly pumped through your hot water pipe to your hot water tap.

    The water diverted into your hot water heater is then heated and is safe to use.

    Once your ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System is installed, you won’t be sending cold water down the drain: you’ll be enjoying instant hot water and lower energy charges! With the ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System you can save at least 20% of the Energy used to heat the water.

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