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Consumer Questions

If l install the system under my sink, will my shower have hot water too?

Do l have to install the system at the furthest fixture from the water heater?

How much space will l lose under my sink? What are the dimensions?

What if someone presses the button and hot water is already in the line?

How long does it take?

Where does the cold water go?

Can l install the system myself?

Is a System needed for each fixture?

How can l determine how my home is plumbed, or where my furthest fixture is in my home?

Will it work with solar heating?

Will it work with water softeners?

What size system do l need?

Can l turn my water heater to a lower setting?

Can l install multiple buttons?

What are other ways to activate the D’MAND® Kontrol® System?

Can l use remote and buttons at the same time?

Technical Questions

What effect will the D’MAND® Kontrol® System have on city water flow?

Does the system heat water?

Do l need an electric outlet installed for the system?

Does the system require special wiring?

How much will the system increase my electrical bill?

How much pressure will be added to my water line?

Will it work on all water heating systems?

How long or how much will it cost me to have a plumber install the system?

Is major plumbing involved?

Do l need to run a return line back to the water heater?

Should l put it on a timer?

Do you have a plumber in my area you can recommend?

How does this system save money?

How does the system save water?

What effect will it have on my Rainwater Tank system?

How noisy is the system?

General Questions

How long can l expect the system to last?

What is the warranty?

If something happens after the warranty expires, are parts still available?

Where can l buy the D’MAND System?

How long has the system been on the market?

Does the system pass codes requirements?

Can your System be used in Commercial Applications?