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Timer or remote control? – one saves you more

Some Hot Water Recirculation systems are manufactured with a timer. ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System’s replaced the timer with a remote access control. Timers are usually set for specific periods, eg: 6-11am. This means the pump is effectively permanently running during these set times time keeping the water in your pipes at your preferred temperature -  using more power those a unit connect to a remote control.

Timers can restrict usage and benefits. If a timer is set for early mornings weekdays – then they’ll need to be altered for weekend or holiday use.  Most people who use timers eventually reset them to work 24 hours a day as it saves them regularly having to change their timers for early starts or unexpected needs for hot water. The result? A huge increase in power use, plus additional wear and tear.

ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System also features an auto turn off function. This means the pump will turn off in 4 minutes if the desired water temperature is not achieved. Our experience shows that if the pump is working for more than 2 minutes to prime your pipes – there may be a problem with your hot water service. This feature acts as an early warning that your water heater may need servicing.

Each ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System unit (pump) comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

One small button,
. . . many big savings!

Simply press the ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System remote control before using hot water. The system primes your pipes with hot water as you prepare for your shower, washing dishes or cleaning with hot water.

Each ACT D’MAND® Kontrol®  System Retro Fit System Kit includes 1 x Retro Fit Pump, 1 x Uni-Fit Kit and 1 x RT-954 (containing 1 x R-954 Receiver & 1 x T-954 Transmitter) Wireless Remote Control kit.