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ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System saves water, energy and reduces sewage.

. . . and keeps your pipes hotter, which means more useable hot water per tank.

In the kitchen, bathroom and laundry – one ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System works with all hot water taps in your home. Regular use can save a minimum 20% on your water heating bills and up to 15,000 litres of water, 750 kWh of associated energy and 15,000 litres of sewage per year. (Data based on 4 person 22 sq house).

It’s easy to save water and energy. Simply activate your ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System and it begins to prime your hot water pipes. The cold water sitting in your hot water line [pipe] is quickly diverted back to your hot water heater.

The ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System has an internal thermistor which automatically turns the system off once the preset rise in the water temperature is detected by the electronic controller. This means your hot water pipes are primed and once you turn on your hot water tap – you’ll receive piping hot water within few seconds.

The ACT, Inc. D’MAND® Kontrol® System pump turns off before allowing any hot water into the cold water line.

Each ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System unit (pump) comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.

Turn your existing hot water service into an instantaneous hot water service!

ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System pumps are not water heaters. They are hot water delivery systems. You do not need dedicated return lines or changes to be made to your existing pipe layout. Installation is easy. The unit attaches below your sink to both the hot and cold pipes.

Each unit is guaranteed for FIVE years!

Save everyday

Now when you turn on your shower – you’ll enjoy instant hot water. Forget wasting up to 15 litres of water every time someone showers or washes the dishes.

The ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System does not allow hot water into the cold water line, and delivers hot water to the furthest fixtures on demand, rather than relying on a timer activated system.

Your ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System costs you around $2 per year to run!

Unusual Application

Commercial use – tell your customers how you’re saving water

The ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System is suitable for a wide range of commercial buildings  including restaurants, offices, hospitals and day-care centres.

For businesses who wish to reduce water use and waste, speak to us about having an ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System installed into your commercial premises.

ACT D’MAND® Kontrol® System works with a wide range of mains pressure water heaters including:

  • Tank water heaters
  • Instantaneous/Tankless water heaters
  • Solar Heating Systems
  • LPG/Propane water heaters
  • Electric Hot water heaters
  • Gas Hot Water Heaters

Information Brochure

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